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Sculpted Studios Policy



No guests, children, or mobile devices are allowed in the studio. If you have a medical condition that requires a medical alert service dog, please let us know, and we will make proper arrangements. Unfortunately, we can not allow emotional support animals.

Please be respectful and understand that the artist must focus on your procedure, and there are health and safety issues for yourself and other clients we are also responsible for, regardless of how well-behaved your company, children, or animals may be. 


Clients must be 18 or older. We can not do treatments on clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Can not be under the influence of alcohol or any drugs (including prescriptions)

Sculpted Studios has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Please, understand that this also includes visible sickness. We encourage you to reschedule your appointment promptly, as per our policy. 


To book an appointment, we require a 20% retainer. Your retainer fee will be applied toward your balance on the day of your appointment. All retainers are NON-REFUNDABLE- NO EXCEPTIONS.


Sculpted Studios reserves the right to change your appointment time as needed.  You will be notified via email if a change needs to be made.


Retainers are only transferable to another date up to 72 hours before your currently scheduled appointment and must be rescheduled to another date at that time.- NO EXCEPTIONS.

Any rescheduling after the 72-hour grace period will require an additional retainer – NO EXCEPTIONS. 



Will be charged 100% (including the non-refundable retainer) of the scheduled service price, plus an additional $250 service fee- NO EXCEPTIONS. 


Please arrive at your appointment on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, Sculpted Studios reserves the right to cancel your appointment; you will need to reschedule and forfeit your retainer. You will need to rebook your appointment with an additional retainer.- NO EXCEPTIONS.  

Sculpted Artists have limited appointment availability each month.  These appointment reservations are in high demand.  Please respect our time as we respect yours. You are sent an appointment confirmation and reminders to both the email and the phone number you provided at the time of booking to ensure you are aware of the appointment you booked and its date and time.



Permanent Makeup (PMU) or Cosmetic Tattooing is best when done over multiple sessions. This ensures proper care for your skin and lips, better healing, and beautiful, sustainable long-term results. On average, clients need 2 sessions, with treatments like Neutralization and Lipstick Lips often requiring an average of 2-3 sessions. This is due to the type of coverage and application needed for these treatment types, your natural body chemistry, skin type, age and lifestyle.

Mature, oily, sun-damaged, scared, or compromised skin or lips with fillers may also require more sessions due to the differences in the treated area. Although PMU is “permanent” it is still a tattoo placed in the living canvas of the body and variations are to be expected.

As all clients are different, it is essential we see you again. We can not overwork the area to avoid additional sessions; this negatively impacts the results. Your unique body chemistry will also affect your retention, which we will closely monitor during your sessions and adjust as needed. It is normal after an initial session to see some unevenness in shape.  You color may not be as intense as your would like or as in the case of brow services a little on the warm side of your desired color. Pigmentation also live in the skin and not on top of the skin and will never heal as BOLD as it was when first completed and the work was still fresh.

Additional Sessions: LipStick Lips 8-12 Weeks/ Neutralization 14-18 Weeks

Color Boost-2-3 Years from the last appointment. *as needed.

Yes, these treatments are permanent. However, it takes time for your body to exfoliate and regenerate your upper skin/lip layers fully. Revealing the “true” tattoo. This softening is reminiscent of “fading.” By returning 2-3 years later, we can give the color a boost. 

Additional Session are not included.



If you had your permanent makeup done by another artist and are interested in working with Sculpted, you must get approval by sending us photos of the existing work. ( If you book your appointment without our approval, we will have the right to refuse service on the day of your appointment, and your retainer will be forfeited. If you have been approved for a cover-up service, please understand that you will be booking a first-time appointment with your artist and will be charged an additional fee for correction work. Sculpted Studio’s touch-up pricing is for Sculpted Clients only. 




We provide the same high-quality and experienced service for every client, but the healed results can vary with every client due to things beyond our control, such as; your age, skin type, immune system, lifestyle, medications, skincare, and adherence to our before and aftercare instructions. Therefore, healed results vary from client to client; follow-up sessions are highly recommended so we can work with you and your body to get you the best results possible. 



Appointment times are scheduled in blocks. Your artist may need more or less time than the blocked appointment due to things beyond our control, such as skin texture. Please schedule and plan your appointments accordingly, as we can not stop treatment while it is being conducted.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.