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The Master Class for Lips You have been waiting for!

Looking to start a new career or maybe earn some extra income on the side, be your own boss, enjoy the freedom of creating your own work schedule?

Amazing! To do that we all need to start somewhere! The best place to start is at the beginning with Sculpted Studios 100 Hour Training. This will teach you all of the foundational building blocks of knowledge you will need to begin working in the permanent makeup industry. We will cover the hottest Permanent Makeup Treatments in this class, Brows, Lip Blush and Lash Enhancement.  With these three an amazing services you will be able to offer your clients not only your expert skills but variety, the perfect mix when getting started with your new career in PMU!


Dark LIP Training



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Learn from award-winning artist, educator, and speaker, Carla Ricciardone of Sculpted Studios, and take full advantage of her unique approach to education and training. Carla’s training platform is truly one of a kind, teaching artists to become thinkers instead of just copying what’s being done. She believes that the true secret of becoming a master artist is the ability to understand the why and the how behind what you are doing. Carla prides herself on passing her skills on to her students, a task not easily achieved. Her methods and techniques have held true throughout her years in the industry, leading to thousands of happy clients. Having the knowledge of how to do something and knowing how and why you’re doing it is only a small piece of the puzzle. 

Carla believes that your educator should fully understand how the applied techniques heal and age over time in the skin. Carla has worked and trained with the industry’s top practitioners and educators all over the globe, becoming saturated with knowledge and understanding of the many modern techniques, tools, and their individual diversities. Carla’s signature and highly sought-after Modern Permanent Makeup Techniques were born from her experiences. Her curriculums are a direct and perfect blend of PMU techniques, experience, and her multi-level educational background. With three studio locations, Carla’s work speaks for itself.