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Sculpted Studio

Lip Blush Treatment From Award Winning Artist

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Why Chose Sculpted

Only The Best
  • Invest in Sculpted Lips and enhance the color and define the shape of your lips while still looking natural and effortlessly beautiful. Stop constantly having to fill in your lips with liner and lipstick to get your perfect pout. Get the lips of your dreams with Sculpted Lips!
  • Our lip blush is a safe, permanent procedure that will give you natural-looking, beautiful results.
  • At Sculpted, our highly trained artists use our exclusive modern cosmetic tattoo techniques custom tailored to each client and their individualized goals, from the most subtle tint to amore full-coverage lip color to achieve results only found at Sculpted.
  • When it comes to cosmetic tattooing experience matters, at Sculpted all of our expert artists have years of experience in this field.
  • Unlock your most beautiful self with Sculpted Lips! Our luxurious service will get you the pout of your dreams – starting at only $800 with two sessions included within 6 months. Don’t wait any longer, book today and let our experts help define your natural beauty perfectly tailored to you.

Get Sculpted


Sculpted Lip Blush will enhance the color and the shape of your lips.


Say goodbye to reapplying lipstick every few hours! This procedure provides long lasting results that can last up to five years depending on skin type and lifestyle habits.


Our treatments are designed to give your lips the color you've always wanted. Whether that is a subtle tint or a more pronounced look or a matte lipstick, it is never over done!


Our artists make sure you have a comfortable and supported experience from your pre care and throughout your healing. Our unique techniques minimize discomfort and the healing process to allow you to go right back to your life!


Our Studio is open 7 days a week to accommodate any schedule - By Appointment Only

Client Testimonials

”I had the lip blush done by Carla and let me just say you will not regret booking with them. They make you feel right at home and the results were amazing! Carla was able to fix a scar I have on my lip and I’m forever grateful. Her assistant Amelia was also very helpful and made sure I understood everything and was comfortable throughout the entire procedure. LOVE LOVE LOVE sculpted studios. ”

Andrea Ore

”First of all I want to say that this experience was so uplifting! Carla treats you like an MVP in VIP!She and the ladies that were at the Miami studio made me so comfortable and boosted my confi dence 110% . Carla’s skills and bedside manner is evident. My lips look great! I can’t”

Janine Piatt

”I had my lip color done by Carla. What can I say? There is a reason she is one of the top artists in the US. A reputation well earned with her knowledge, experience and professionalism. I am turning 65 next month and wanted something subtle yet noticeable and age appropriate, that is exactly what I’ll have when the process is over. Yes, I said process. Your lips need time to heal and to develop the color based on your lip pigment and texture. Thank you Carla, you do magic with your tools. ”

Maggie Amaya

I found Sculpted Studios to be a very relaxed and welcoming studio. Carla the owner and instructor was super nice and knowledgeable. I am very happy with the outcome of my lip blush. She picked out the color that matched my natural color but now looks enhanced. I love that I only need to add gloss to my lips and look polished. Thanks Carla!”

Anita Lozano

Sculpted Studio

Lip Blush Treatment From Award Winning Artist

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