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At Sculpted Studios, we know that not all Microblading and PMU applications are created equal. Non-Laser Removal is the best and the safest method for removing poor quality PMU and Microblading. The treatment is painless. It will not damage or scar the skin and can remove the majority of any PMU of any color. Why is this important? Because traditional surgical or laser tattoo removal methods are painful, leave large scars, and are limited by ink types and colors. At Sculpted Studios, we use a manual technique designed to remove tattoo pigment from the skin using a simple 3 step process.

Here are a few benefits of this removal technique:

  • You can put makeup on after 24 hours
  • Little to no scabbing
  • Removes all colors and all pigments on the market
  • It takes no more than 40 minutes per treatment