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Scalp Micropigmentation Artist, Trainer and Innovator – Steven’s collective knowledge from nearly 10 years in the field allow a unique perspective in knowing how procedures age over time.

He uses various techniques and treatment plans to create the most realistic results. He has worked with the industry’s top brands developing and testing products to push the industry forward.

His teaching style and exercises have become a standard for new artists all over the globe- helping them to become saturated with knowledge and understanding many techniques.

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  • INTENSE THEORY This is the most science rich course in the industry. Learn the FACTS about Scalp Micropigmentation. Including : anatomy, biology and body processes and so much more.
  • THE PROCESS Learn every step from start to finish to executing a SMP procedure
  • PRE & POST CARE Proper understanding is critical , not just so you can get perfect results but to also explain the importance of it to your clients.
  • TOOL THEORY Your tools should be an extension of your hands. Learn everything about machines and needles - their functions and how to use them to create the best art
  • COLOR THEORY Learn from the creators -Sculpted created modern color theory for SMP. You will learn everything about how to treat every skin tone and achieve any result as well as pigmentology.
  • HAIRLINE CREATION Creating the hairline is the most critical part of any procedure. Learn SCULPTED's signature technique for creating the perfect shape style for any client.
  • BODY MECHANICS Using your body with intention is something we have mastered. Body positioning, breathing, stretching and ergonomics have a huge factor in the way you do your art.
  • LAYERING Learn the art of layering, developed by Sculpted which creates the most realistic results.
  • EXERCISES & DRILLS We have created a proprietary system for developing the hand skills and muscle memory needed for SMP treatments. Continue to use these exercises after training for more skill building with our support.
  • HYPER REALISM Sculpted teaches you how to flawlessly replicate natural elements creating results that are so good they are undetectable.
  • HANDS ON PRACTICE Our system for learning the technical application is the best in the industry. Get tons of hands on experience on silicon and melons so you are well prepared for skin.
  • CRITICAL THINKING Learn to critically think because you not only know the HOW (step by step) but the WHY, so no matter the challenges you face you can adjust your steps to achieve the goals desired by your clients.
  • LIVE MODEL WORK Get real life experience working on live models .
  • PERSONAL ATTENTION We keep our classes limited in size so that all of our students receive individual attention with focus on the students specific needs.
  • THE BUSINESS Learn business skills. From the consultation, marketing and the things you need to run a great practice
  • PHOTOGRAPHY Learn how to take excellent before and after photos.
  • TIPS & TRICKS We teach you every tip and trick we use. No holding back secrets of the trade here at Sculpted.
  • STARTER KIT Includes practice materials and a sampling of our favorite things to use in a procedure. Upgrade to our in house machine the SCULPTURA and our Sculpted Pigments
  • LIFE TIME SUPPORT We are with you every step of the way with a support system throughout your entire career.


How long does SMP last?

SMP is permanent and lasts forever. A large majority of our clients never need a touch up. Some require a small touchup at around 5 years.

SMP is a nearly-permanent solution to hair loss. It lasts several years after which you may need a slight touch up (which are very affordable).

Is SMP Painful?

No not really. There are some spots that are a little rough but mostly it is just uncomfortable and annoying. After the 1st session youll get used to it . A LOT of clients fall asleep
Pain levels vary from person to person, but nearly all of our clients report little to no pain. In fact, a few of our clients have even fallen asleep while getting SMP done!

Can SMP recreate my natural hairline?

Absolutely. However more importantly we look at your current facial structure and personal style and create a hairline that fits you best NOW and for the future instead of what it looked like once upon a time.
You bet it can! SMP is highly customizable, from density to hair color and can be tailored to perfectly replicate your hairline and color.

How many sessions are needed for SMP?

A minimum of 3. It is neccessary to create the proper structure of ink in the skin to replicate the follicle and early hair shaft. We work with the bodys natural processes to layer the impressions into the skin for the most realistic look and longevity. This is IMPOSSIBLE to do in 1-2 sessions.

I dont want it that dark - do I still need at least 3 sessions?

YES. No matter what the result is going to be we need to follow this method. It is a common misconception that each session is only used to go darker.
Depending on the severity of hair loss, you may need 2-4 sessions spaced out a few weeks apart. (ALL sessions are included in the $2500 promotion)

How fast does SMP heal?

Technically after 96 hours your body will heal the micro wound. However 7 days is really needed for a full recovery. It takes 30 days for everything to completely settle into the final result
SMP heals very fast – in about 4-6 days. But you can return to your normal activities nearly immediately, as long as you follow the aftercare instructions given.

How do I know if I'm a good candidate for SMP?

Set up a consultation with us. Send us photos, meet over video conference or come into our studio.
If you have any type of hairloss, your skin is healthy and you do not have any serious medical conditions, you are a candidate.
If you have thinning hair, receding hairline or baldness – you’re a great candidate for SMP. We’ve worked on clients all around the world with varying types of hair loss – so we’ll know exactly what to do.

Is SMP Safe?

Absolutely. There is very little trauma created with the process. We follow all osha protocols to work clean and avoid any bloodborne pathogens. Our needles are sterilized and 1 time use only. The ink quality is the best and it is tested at the highest level, even above USA/FDA standards.
Absolutely. As long as SMP is performed by experienced SMP artists (like us) and you follow the proper after care instructions, SMP is 100% safe.

What's the difference between SMP and a hair transplant?

SMP won’t grow SMP is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that creates the appearance of hair follicles whereas hair transplants involve surgically moving hair from one part of the body to the balding areas.

Why choose SMP over a hair transplant?

Hair transplants can be very expensive, and go wrong if you don’t pick the right clinic. Plus, there is no guarantee that the transplanted hair will not bald within a few years.

I still have more questions about SMP. How can I get more details?

Great question! Lucky for you, we offer free consultations for anyone who wants more information about SMP. We’ll answer all your questions and give you the full breakdown.



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