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Brows color theory


Tuition $599

30 Day Color Immersion

This must-have class on Color Theory is nothing short of a game-changing revolution! 

This is not your typical online class but an immersive training conducted online and will teach you all of the necessary components of color & pigment theory through the lens of our artistry, Cosmetic Tattooing. Finally, a true color theory is made for artists like you.

Unravel your confusion and achieve stunning results for all your lip tattoo clients regardless of starting color, age, or gender. Over the 30 days, you will interact with Carla in different ways to ensure you are learning with guided support!

This class was seven years in the making.  Learn color and pigment in a new way backed by years of research, data collection, and result analysis.

This is what you have been looking for!

Are you tired of struggling and depending on the suggestions of others when it comes to choosing a color? Do you want to create the proper color mix for your clients and achieve your intended color results? It's time to take your art to the next level!

Truly learning Color and Pigment Theory will require your participation as a student.

This immersion training allows you to own the knowledge that can and will be applied to every aspect of your work.  Color and pigment theory and understanding is 60% of your job description; up until now, maybe you haven’t had a chance to learn it truly. So let’s fix that together.

Maybe you took a class that taught you to pick a color using the Fitzpatrick Scale or the fine art color wheel, none of which directly apply.  Maybe you were taught that organic pigments are X and inorganic is Y,  but no one told you the WHY or WHY that is relevant to you. Maybe you don’t know how to talk to you clients about removal, toning and maintenance. The list goes on! 

Experience this inspired and detailed immersion for yourself and see why it has been called “the game changer”!

This course is jam-packed and completely comprehensive and will teach you true color & pigment theory, the why, and of course, how to properly use that information to create, select & adjust your color &  pigment choice (brand and non-pigment brand-specific)

The Sculpted Color Theory Method (TM) is the first and only of its kind and includes our coveted

The Sculpted Color Theory Method (TM) is the first and only of its kind and includes our coveted 

Sculpted Skin Tone System (TM) 

-Sculpted Skin PMU Color & Pigment Theory & Color Mix Charts (TM)

 -Sculpted Melanin Color Wheel

 -Sculpted Melanin Diamond -Sculpted Color Mix and Use Charts & More


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Invest in yourself

30-Day Online Immersion Training
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What is Included:

-Live Webinar: This starts our 30-day journey together. Your course opens one hour before the live event, whether you can participate or not. This webinar is scheduled for 5 hours but is known to run longer.  We go over everything and leave no questions unanswered.

Online Access Point contains;

-Download Fully Illustrated Manual (Workbook), 

-30-Day Live Webinar Repay Access- Registered Student ONLY 

-30-Day Access ONLINE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM, with Carla- Registered Student ONLY

-Second Live Q & A Webinar, closing the course, date provided once class begins.

-Homework and Exams

-and MORE!

Tuition: $599

Live Zoom:  JANUARY 24, 2023, 1 PM EST; (if you can not attend the live, it is ok; you can watch the replay provided and still participate in the virtual classroom).

Due to the unique nature of this virtual class, enrollment is extremely limited.

So, how does it work…

We begin with the Live Event. We recommend your attendance so you can participate live, but if you can not, you will also have access to this event as a replay for 30 days and all of this class’s other important features.

After the Live Event with Carla, all student have access to the Online Access Point; this access point will be emailed to you one hour before the Live Event start. This online access area contains:

-Live Event Replay


-Virtual Classroom Chat Group Access

-Homework Assignments & Exam

-Closing Q & A – LIVE ONLY

As well as other important information that students may need.

There are no scheduled times for participation except for the initial Live Event and the Q&A Live Event at the commencement of the 30 days.

The Virtual Classroom

This is at your disposal 24/7 for 30 days. Students meet here when they can to submit assignments, discuss the curriculum, ask questions, and more.

Although there are no scheduled times for participation in the virtual classroom, this group is extremely active and for your benefit.  The more you participate, the more you will learn.



All levels are welcome!

Not at all!  Color and pigment theory are by nature nonbrand specific.  We will teach you how to assess your pigments as well as your color with examples that are both brand and not brand specific.

With that said, this is the color theory that built the EMBODY & ENHANCE  collections.  I was tired of trying to fit what was available into the color theory based on our canvas- so I built the pigments to help simplify the confusion, amongst other things!

Short answer, no.  The replay and workbooks are not sold separately.

You do not need to participate in the live, although it is highly encouraged as color and its comprehension are interactive.  Plus, we always have so much fun.

If you can not attend, you will have access to a 30-day replay as well as the chat group. You must be enrolled in the webinar to have access to the replay.

This ensures quality over quantity and improves your learning experience!

No problem! Even though the Webinar portion is conducted in English, captions are available in many languages.

Students also use Google Translator installed in the web browser and even on their mobile devices to listen in real-time.

The Virtual Class Room is conducted on Telegram (App). Telegram Premium allows you to translate the entire chat into the language of your choice.

Access is not permitted before class starts. Access begins with the live webinar.

Once enrolled, students will receive confirmation access to the live webinar. One hour before the live event, a second email is sent containing access to the online area with all of the other information and goodies for this class. Please check your email and Spam folder.

Access is not permitted before class starts. Access begins with the live webinar.

This is not a technique class. For technique, we offer in-person classes for all levels and online classes for artists with experience.

You can also contact our Student Coordinator Mindy 844.634.0004 or email

A certificate of completion is provided to any who complete the course entirely.  It is sent via email automatically upon 100% completion you will receive your certificate via the email you registered with.

$599.  Includes Live webinar access,  Workbook Download, 30-day replay, and 30-day virtual classroom.


Once you are a student, you are a student for life.

We offer lifetime support to all of our students. We take huge pride in making sure our students, once graduated from our training courses, have the support that they need to continue in their career.  

We have built a beautiful community of students so that you can communicate with each other and learn a great deal from other students as well as Sculpted Trainers.